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Working of Warm Water Cylinder

There is storage cylinders which have the capacity to store hot water are called warm water tanks. These tanks are used in everyday use in households and also for space warming in many cases. Water has high specific heat capacity which makes it a convenient medium for storage of hot water. Thus it can store more amount of heat as compared to other substances. Moreover one cannot deny the fact that water is cheaper than many other matters. Fuel cost can be minimized with the help of these insulated tanks as they can hold heat for several days. Hot water cylinder might have a burner system inside it or an immersion heater that can be used for various purposes like laundry, washing etc.


How does a Warm water tank work?

Warm water tanks are utilized to store water, as well as being maneuverer in mains pressure and gravity based heating systems. There may be two types of the tank, and they are either indirect warm water filled tanks or direct warm water tanks. The water in a direct warm water tank would be heated maneuvering immersion heaters situated within the tank itself, some having more than one to revamp its production. An indirect warm water tank is dependent on exterior appliances such as a boiler to produce hot water. Some indirect tanks also have immersion heater installed for additional heat.

Warm water tanks:

Warm water tanks are of two types. They are:

  1. Vented Warm water tanks: It is a traditional warm water tank where there is a cold water storage tank, usually in the loft, which supplies water to the warm water tank on a gravity system.
  2. Unvented forms of tanks: This is one of the pressurized forms of the systems that feeds directly on the cold water and gives out hot and warm water as output.

Advantages of Vented Warm water tanks:-

  • They are relatively simple in construction and operate at lower pressure than warm water tanks. Hence they are cheaper.
  • Low maintenance is required compared to warm water tanks.
  • Relatively easy to install.

Disadvantages of Vented Warm water tanks:-

  • They deliver a lower pressure of water.
  • They take up more space than warm water tanks because it is a combination of a cold water tank and warm water tank.

Advantages of Warm water tanks:

  • The cold water tanks for storage are not demanded as the water is heated on a direct manner through immersion rods or in an indirect manner through heating systems operating centrally, solar powers, sources of energy that are renewable like biomass and pumps that heats the water in an indirect manner.
  • Since it directly feeds on cold water from mains, it can deliver the hot water at the main pressure.
  • No requirement for gravity which means it can be located anywhere in a house.

Disadvantages of tanks that is used to store water

  • They are comparatively expensive than vented warm water filled tanks.

As they are complex in construction, they need high maintenance.